Jane Jenkins Quilling Books: Welcome

Some useful links

JJ Quilling Design: good quality quilling papers, useful equipment and lots of expertise. Best place to buy good quality strips and materials to make our designs.

The Quilling Guild: the Quilling Guild's Website; a charity with information about displays, events, accreditation as a quiller, etc.
Full members receive three colour 'Quillers Today' magazines a year about quilling and quilling matters - with patterns and ideas, and have access to online facilities.
Online members have access to all online facilities, including copies of 'Quillers Today', to be read online.
All members can read Guild Facebook pages which are updated regularly and include members' quillings to admire, and the chance to comment and show your own work.

Decorating Direct: have an acrylic spray, very similar to the one made by Humbrol, called Keen Top Crystal Clear spray.
To protect your quillings, spray lightly in a well ventilated room and leave to dry well, before spraying again to finish.
I place quillings together on a newspaper to absorb any varnish that misses. If you make your quilling on a foam 'Quilling or Husking Board'
(available from JJ Quilling Design), you can place several in a 'bonfire' pile to maximise spray use.
Don't flood quillings, as the paper might become floppy. Always test mounts before spraying. Cork, wood, hessian, slate, etc. all spray well.
Card may absorb unevenly so try it first and use the Quilling board if unsure.

You are welcome to email us if you have any queries.